The new bridge is completed - except it is still being painted.

The opening dedication will be September 25, 2010. There will be a Bridge Benefit Breakfast from 8 - 9. Advance tickets are required. Tickets available at MainSource Branches in Shelbyville, Rushville, Greensburg. Ceremonies will start at 9:30. Governor Daniels will be present to dedicate the bridge and cut the ribbon.

The new bridge consists of over 40% timbers from the old bridge. The new bridge is built as a E. L. Kennedy designed and engineered bridge. It has the same look as the bridge destroyed June 3, 2008.

Photos of the Reconstruction

On June 3, 2008 an F3 tornado ripped through the surrounding community, and the unthinkable happened - our beloved bridge, when the winds had settled, had been torn from it's piers and thrown into to the valley of the Big Flatrock River.

Volunteers from all facets of society came together to rebuild the bridge at Moscow. Thank you to all who contributed to the rebuilding process! click here for a look back at the devestation.